Peterborough New Horizons Bands

What's Happening

Concert February 10. Click here for more information

May 26, 2023 Spring Concert.

May 29, 2023 PNHB Information Day. Attend to find out more about our instruments and how PNHB works.

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We are more than 220 music-and-fun-loving members of all ages who play together in five concert bands. We play a wide variety of music on brass, woodwind and percussion instruments.

We welcome newcomers with whatever level of musical experience they have, and even those who have never read a musical note or played any instrument. There is a place for everyone and we will find it for you.

Our green band welcomes those with little or no musical experience, those whose musical skills are a little rusty and those who would like to learn to play a new instrument. Graduates of Green Band and those with prior musical experience are members of one (or more) of our other four bands. Our video

Each band is led by one or two of our five fun loving and experienced conductors. As well, coaches work with our members in smaller groups, usually once every two weeks - more often with Green Band members.

All bands perform in concerts in early June and December. Smaller groups (ensembles) perform at community events, in residential homes and in schools.

Social events

Though our raison d'être is to play music together. We also like to relax, eat and enjoy each other's company.

We enjoy pot luck lunches at the start of each term (Fall, Winter and Spring), often with entertainment by our own musical groups. We also enjoy a Christmas noontime feast.

Our evening social events include a Hallowe'en dance/party and a Spring Social. Both are potluck, with entertainment by several of our own ensembles.

About every two years, we form a holiday band - the "Sunshine Band". The band rehearses through Summer and Fall to prepare a concert for a winter holiday destination. So far, these fun adventures have included a cruise and two trips to Cuba. The 2017-18 Sunshine Band is headed for the Dominican Republic in January 2018.

Also we have band exchanges with other New Horizons Bands. At these special performances, we come together to share our musical experiences,

To get a better feel for our social activities, please check out the archives section of this website.


PNHB is a non-profit organization administered by a member volunteer Board of Directors, which is responsible for all aspects of the operation of the bands. Other PNHB members have volunteered and taken responsibility for organizing many functions and activities including roles such as: music librarian, social coordinator, concert band manager, email coordinator, green band manager, treasurer (a Board position), and membership dues collector.

Each ensemble is self-governing and has a treasurer responsible for collecting fees.

Our five merry conductors and our coaches are paid contractors.


Former Naval Club We rehearse at the former Naval Club, now owned by the City of Peterborough. Wheelchairs and pushers are available for those who need help.

Our History

New Horizons International The New Horizons Bands program was conceived by Dr. Roy Ernst, then a professor at the Eastman School of Music, Rochester University. He believed that anybody can learn to play a musical instrument, and at any age. The first New Horizons Band was formed in Rochester New York in 1991 and to-day, there are more than 100 similar programs in the United States, Canada, Australia and Ireland.

The program aims to provide instruction to adults wishing to learn how to play wind, brass or percussion instruments. It is also for individuals who might have played in high school but put it aside for many years. Membership in a New Horizons Band can fill your life with music, new friends, fun and accomplishment.

The Peterborough, Ontario, Canada New Horizons Bands (PNHB) was formed in the spring of 2002 with 52 new members. PNHB now has almost 200 members: it is one of the fastest growing and largest of all New Horizons organizations.

PNHB continues to be a member of New Horizons International Association..

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