Halloween 2018


Halloween Thank You !!!  Wow, now wasn't that a lot of fun???

136 Ghoulish Souls attended our Halloween Party. We ran out of chairs !!! 18 were from our GREEN BAND. And they walked away with some of the gold too. A Greenie left with a Gift Card, and another took away half of the 50/50. So nice to see you all there.  Hope you come back in the Spring for our next party. Gord...Thank You for conducting FUNdamentals. You did a great job. John, you did a fine job conducting while playing in Swing Set. Good tunes for sure. So a good time was had by all, no one left hungry, just happy souls on the way out. A special Thanks to Margaret Seabrooke and all her volunteers for the great job they did setting up the hall, receiving the food, running the 50/50, and tidying up afterwards. If I forgot anyone, don't worry, we know who you are and we appreciate you too !!! Earle