Halloween 2017


Well now, wasn't that fun? 119 Souls came out to our party.

Clarinaires were excellent under John Barrett, Mark with FUNdamentals and Dynamics rocked, Justin the Horsehead was hilarious with Swing Set. Gord, What can I say? You really came through. Your personality just shines when you do that sort of thing. (But I still want you to let us play more than 4 bars)

Two lucky 50/50 winners of $146. each in the draw, and although no one guessed the serial # of my $50. bill, Jim Hill walked away with the residual which was $58.

Thanks To Bill Robb for donating the two tickets to the Performing Arts Lakefield concert.

Many Thanks to Margaret Seabrook and her team of volunteers (we all know who you are) for all they did withthe decorating, the food, the 50/50, and the clean up. Consider volunteering YOUR time on our Social Committee.

Barry Duff spent the night snapping pics and putting people atop mountains or on strange far away lands, Many Thanks.

The costumes tonight were really good. It never ceases to amaze me at how many of us like to get dressed up. Bravo.

And once again the food was plentiful and the assortment was just right. No one ever leaves a PNHB event hungry.

And to Mark & FUNdamentals, Thanks, you really got me on that one. I never miss a thing. (usually), and I'm always right on top of things. Not this time. So many Earle's. Scary.

And finally, THANKS to ALL OF YOU for making it a party. Without YOU, and all your humour and enthusiasm, your spirit and smiles, it would just be a just be a Fall Social.