In December 2019 Debi Duff and her husband went to PCVS to photograph the music sorting and filing operation. Below are photos of the operation and the hard working Collectors, skillfully organised by Meeta Ellison. Take note of the sheer volume of treasures that are stored here.

Here are the names of this dedicated crew: Mary Chesher, Gord Thompson, Al Brunger, Marian Vanbruissen (Green Band), Jim & Vedra Hil (Jubilee), Joyce Kane, James Blacklock, Maggie Chambers (Allegro), Renee Paul, Rhona Ogilvie (Skylark), Barbara Simone, Trish Murphy (Odyssey), Harlene Annett & Diana Abraham.

Be thankful to these folks the next time you receive "new" music.

Lots of stairs Lots of stairs

Harlene Annet Harlene Annett

Mary Chester Mary Chester

Gord and Al Gord Thomson and Al Brunger

rows of boxes Rows and rows of boxes

more boxes More boxes

Instructions Instructions for the team of Collectors

Meeta Meeta and the library