Administration of the Bands

Board of directors

An elected volunteer Board of Directors (BOD) oversees the operation of the PNHB.

Without the BOD the bands could not function.

Their many responsibilities include hiring our conductors and coaches, renting rehearsal space, organising performances, insurance, organising social events, setting fees, publicity, controlling our assets (especially instruments and music), and much much more.

Board Announcements

Recently, the BOD has been researching the possibility of rearranging the bands, with the idea of smoothing the transitions between lower level bands. Part of this research was a survey of the membership for ideas about what was most important to them. Many members wrote many diverse comments - you can read them in this PDF file Comments from February Survey.pdf

2018 -2019 Board of Directors

Chair – John Topic (Odyssey - French Horn)
Vice-Chair – Cathy Brown-Payne (Allegro - trumpet and Skylark - alto sax)
Past Chair – Lorna Verhulst (Allegro and Odyssey - trumpet)
Secretary – Margaret Seabrook(Allegro - clarinet)

Social Committee – Margaret Seabrook
Fundraising and Grants – Al Brunger
Media Relations / Community Relations – Margaret Seabrook and Lorna Devan
Property Committee – Margaret Allan
Policies & Procedures – Brenda Bock
Green Band Manager – Cliff Ballantyne
Action Plan – Survey Team – Bob Orrett , Cliff Ballantyne, and Lorna Devan
Dialogue Committee – John Topic, Cathy Brown-Payne, Lorna Verhulst, Al Brunger

Treasurer (Ex-officio) - Roger Bresee (Allegro - tuba)

Volunteer positions
Concert Managers: Renee Paul, Norma White
Librarian: Meeta Ellison
Historian: Debbie Duff
Communications Manager: James Burrett

Band Representatives
Cliff Ballantyne (Green),
Lorne Read (Jubilee),
Theresa Topic (Allegro),
Cathy Breedon (Skylark),
Heather Thompson (Odyssey)