hi - we have reserved Shelter #1 at the Zoo on July 12 from 11 am until 2 pm for an outdoor potluck summer get together. Since it's outdoors, masks are not required. Bring a friend or spouse if you wish. Please bring cold food and beverages - salads, sandwiches, deviled eggs, desserts, or anything else that suits your fancy. This will be down by the river at Shelter #1. The summer social committee is very small so no drinks, condiments or utensils are supplied. Please bring everything you need. hat, chair, sunscreen, food, drink, napkins, utensils etc.

Here is a map of the zoo - Item #17 on the map is shelter # 1 - please note the + and - symbol at the top of the page in order to enlarge the map. zoo map Washrooms are marked W across the road and adequate parking only a few feet away. Everything is on level ground. To get there, take the One Way road down to the river immediately North of the playground. It's a one way loop so you drive back up a different road. see map

This is the largest shelter and can accommodate up to 100 people. From the survey there were 88 people who indicated interest in this so we hope for a good turnout. Please indicate your intentions by clicking on the poll (anonymous poll - not a commitment)

thanks sent from the official PNHB email address pnhb.music@gmail.com

Dear Members,

Let me start by saying how much I appreciate all of your well wishes, thoughts and prayers. I’ve been asked by quite a few of you for an update on my stroke recovery and how I’m doing, which I really appreciate. So here it goes….

Well it’s been 2 months since the stroke. I can’t believe how slowly things are progressing. As most of you know, I’m not a terribly patient person with myself and this is driving me bonkers 🤣😂😅😂🤣 . I seem to progress a bit, then plateau, then a few steps back. I haven’t lost sight of the fact that I’m extremely lucky to be able to walk/waddle (or as phsysio calls it, swagger) and I have decent use of my left hand and arm. I still can’t roll over onto my stomach (much like a baby, when that event occurs, there will be celebrating!). My vision is much better most days which is great but I’ve developed a dizziness that makes car rides an adventure in - can I get home before I throw up! Apparently this is common with brain stem strokes. My Dr says this may or may not resolve in time. This fact will make me a very fun passenger on future car trips to Guelph or London to visit my daughters! I still can’t drive which is frustrating for both Mike and I - I’m not a huge fan of his driving and it’s often best for both of us if I drive….🤣😂😅😂🤣

I often get asked, why did this happen? I don’t have any of the markers for stroke. Well, I went in for minor surgery and due to an unfortunate manoeuvre, I had a stroke. I’m trying very hard not to be bitter or angry, however, I’ve decided it’s a process and it’s ok to feel these things. I’ve asked God for guidance, but honestly, I think He understands.

I haven’t picked up the clarinet or sax yet, but physio seems to think it’s a good idea to try them now. I keep saying to myself I’ll try it tomorrow, but frankly I’m nervous about being able to play again. I did play the piano the other day, which is my first instrument - there seems to be some muscle memory in there somewhere. I can read music - which I couldn’t a week after the stroke, so that’s encouraging. I just can’t read it as quickly as before. I’m sure that will come with more time.

My house currently looks like a hospital room. I’m so lucky to live in a city where there are so many agencies to help out with rehab equipment. The hospital stroke/rehab unit was wonderful in setting all of this up before I even left the hospital. I now have a greater understanding of what “Regional Health Centre” means. We are indeed fortunate to have such a facility in our community.

I’m focusing on looking for the positives, and working hard on recovery. I’m a little disoriented at times, and if there are loud noises or lots of people around, I can’t walk in a straight line or I might fall over….no band for me probably at least until September. Again, probably a good thing because it gives me time to see if I can still play!

Maybe I’ll try tomorrow. Or the next day...

I’d also like to take this opportunity to thank John Topic for stepping in as Past President and to the members of the Board for all of their incredible work this year. They’ve worked so hard to keep us playing this spring and have truly done an amazing job.

I wish all of you a wonderful concert and and enjoyable summer! I hope to see all of you in the fall!

Angela Con 🎶🎵😊

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Dear Members,

I’m sending this email as an update on the events in my life of the past two weeks. On March 11, I had a minor surgical procedure during which I had a stroke. I was very fortunate to receive a super “clot busting” drug within 4 hours of the stroke (just barely!)! I spent the first 24 hours in ICU and then was transferred to the stroke/rehab unit where I remain today. There is no plan for discharge at this point but I’m optimistic one is coming soon!!

As you can imagine, it’s been quite a time, but I’m happy to say I have had good improvements, some plateau‘s and a few crazy emotions 😆. I go to rehab twice a day and my recovery possibility looks quite good.

Many thanks to all who have reached out - I really appreciate it!

I also want to again thank the Board - they are exceptional people and are a well-oiled machine! I’m so gratified to hear how much everyone is enjoying playing music together again! I hope to join you as soon as possible!

Angela Con 😊

from Justin

START-UP DATE/TIME/PLACE for SwingSet April 5 1230pm-2pm St.Alphonsus Parish Hall jh

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hi folks, due to a rather large case of insanely bad timing we will need to resume SwingSet on April 5 from 1230pm-2pm at The Navy Club. if the Navy Club is not ready by then, we will call it for April 12, etc. until it is ready and then we will rehearse on Tuesdays from 1230pm-2pm until May 24. we are going to continue with the people we had last term (large band). here are the books you will need to order from Long and McQuade. there are three of them, and they are pretty inexpensive. we will use these books at rehearsals exclusively. the people who were in SwingSet before will already own these books, so it will just be the new folks who will have to purchase them. i tell you this now so that you can get to Long and McQuade ASAP so they can order them ASAP and get them to you ASAP! if you do not have these books by April 5, then just wait another week and don't attend that rehearsal. no sharing of books in corona-time! when you order, you order for your own instrument!!! see you then!!!

The Best Of Easy Jazz - 15 Selections For Young Jazz Ensembles - Series Name: Easy Jazz Ensemble - Hal Leonard Easy Jazz Favorites - 15 Selections For Young Jazz Ensembles - Series Name: Easy Jazz Ensemble - Hal Leonard Swing Classics For Jazz Ensemble - 15 Complete Arrangements For The Young Ensemble - Series Title: Swing Classics For Jazz Ensemble - Hal Leonard see you on April 5!!! for real!!! jh March 7 startup info

Dear Members, Can you believe we will be making music together in less than a week? It’s so exciting - time to dust off those instruments, tighten those strings, get embouchures ready and find those drumsticks!! On behalf of the Board, I’m excited to welcome everyone back to band, with a special welcome to our new Green Band members! Their conductor Mark, reminds these members to bring their Accent on Achievement Book 1 on Monday! Our site for the month of March is the St. Alphonsus Parish Hall with access off of Western Avenue. The Parish Hall is behind St. Alphonsus Church which is on Clonsilla. Members are asked to bring their music stands as these won’t be moved from the Navy Club and belong to the Peterborough Concert Band. The floors at St. Alphonsus Parish Hall have recently been redone and we are asking folks to remove outdoor footwear upon entry and to change into additional footwear you have brought with you. Regular shoes or slippers are great options! We are still in the midst of firming up fees for this term. The term runs from March 7 - June 3 2022. We are hoping to have our concert the night of June 3rd at Calvary. I’ll send out an email as soon as I know the final fees. Please carefully read over the Covid protocol I sent out in a previous email. Members are asked to self screen themselves before attending each band practice. If you are feeling unwell, please do not come to band. The internet link to self screen is:


I’m terms of Ensembles, we are still working on schedules and hope they will start up by the end of March. Stay tuned! A special thank you to members of the Board who have been working so diligently to make our return possible. When we heard the Navy Club was unavailable until April, the Board members immediately began looking for another space to take us for a month. They have been meeting every two weeks to organize the move to St. Alphonsus, to be in constant contact with the Public Health Unit to formalize Covid procedures, and to determine term length and fees. A huge thank you to our 5 Merry Conductors who have put so much time and effort into organizing our bands and choosing music for us to play and enjoy. A special shout out to our Librarian Meeta and her library helpers, who have worked so quickly to pull our music together so we can start next week. It clearly takes a village to run our bands and we are so fortunate to have these folks!

Angela Con 😊

Covid procedures ----------------------------------------------- Dear Members, On behalf of the Board of Directors, here are our Covid protocols and procedures for starting up next week. We are considered a high risk population and as a result we have decided (with input from the Public Health Unit) to put these policies in place. Our goal is to keep members as safe as possible while enjoying making music together! Covid Safety Plan – Effective - March 7, 2022 to June 2022 Peterborough New Horizons Band- Location : Peterborough Naval Club. Temporary Location for March: St. Alphonsus Parish Hall Overview – local and provincial guidelines: With Key Public Health indicators continuing to improve, Ontario and Peterborough Public Health (PPH) are cautiously and gradually easing PH measures over the coming weeks. Until further notice PNHB will be continuing to adhere to the following guidelines, listed below, to keep members as safe and healthy as possible: Protocol for In- Person Rehearsals-

All members attending in-person rehearsals, at this time, must have received three doses of the Covid-19 vaccine. Your enhanced proof of vaccination, as described in point 1, will be checked upon entering the practice area. Please ensure you have your proof of vaccination in your instrument case each time you attend band. A mask/face covering is required unless you are at your seat playing your instrument. Active/passive screening will be in place. Distancing- please maintain a 2m (6 ft) distance as much as possible. Travel- if you have travelled outside Ontario and/or Canada and are now home either refrain from attending band for 14 days OR receive a “ negative result “ after performing a Rapid Antigen test on yourself upon your return. Hand sanitizer and disinfectant wipes will be available for use. Covid-19 Best Practices and Procedures- Based on Public Health guidance, the PNHB Board asks that a member NOT attend a rehearsal if they are feeling ill or receive instruction from health authorities to isolate/quarantine. Additional official instruction will be received by using the self screening tool, as noted below, PLEASE SELF SCREEN THE DAY OF YOUR PRACTICE The Self screening tool can be found at: https://covid-19.0ntario.ca/self-assessment/symptoms Can’t wait to see everyone next week! Angela Con Conductors --------------------------------------------- Good day from conductors: We are very much looking forward to get going again on March 7. This is an update so you know what is happening from our end. • Conductors will be switching bands as usual; Sal/Justin: Jubilee/Skylark, Jon/Gord:Allegro/Odyssey and Mark: Green. Even though we did not perform the music from last term, it is certainly still useable for concerts in the future, perhaps in the fall. • Since we are at St. Alphonsus for a month, Mark has built the band roster to accommodate a slightly smaller facility. Some of you requested two bands and right now we have used several to help with instrumentation. • Band days were deliberately kept the same: o Monday: Green (9-11), Allegro (11:30-1:30) o Wednesday: Jubilee (9-11), Skylark (11:30-1:30), Odyssey: (2-4) • Percussion: Because of space limitations there will only be a drum set, suspended cymbal, bells and smaller stuff. All of it stored at the church. • Chairs – will be distanced – you will also find 3 or 4 chairs on a small stage as well – these will need to be used. Room is a rectangle so we set up length ways in four curved rows, with percussion set up behind last row at the curves. • What to Bring: Music stand, instrument, mask, proof of 16 hours of “practice”! • Music for this term - Meeta requests that if you make a copy of an original sheet of music (usually thicker 9by 12 or 8.5/11), that you return the original to the collection box at St Alphonsus for use in the future. If you were handed a copy of the original than please just keep that copy permanently, do not return - you don't need to copy it and can mark it up as much as you want.

From your 5 Merry Conductors!

Dear Members,

On behalf of the Board of Directors and our Conductors, I have some exciting news to share! St. Alphonsus Parish Hall has agreed to let us practice there beginning the week of MARCH 7!! A month earlier than we thought we would be able to get back together!

We still plan to return to the Navy Club for practices the week beginning April 4, but the plan at St. Alphonsus allows us to return 4 weeks earlier than we had hoped!!

We are still figuring out band sizes and plan to visit the parish hall on Tuesday to check the room sizes and how scheduling will work. Bands will still take place on Monday’s and Wednesday’s and hopefully by the end of this week, we can let everyone know the schedule.

I’m terms of Covid procedures, we are keeping the same policy and procedures as we had before Christmas, with the addition of requiring members to have a booster as well as the two vaccinations. We will also require masks entering and exiting the facility as well as when leaving our seats to collect music. The reason we are keeping to these procedures is that we are a high risk population and we want to make sure everyone is safe. We are also providingv members with 2 N95 masks to be used for band purposes. Members are also encouraged to use bell covers which can be purchased at Long & McQuade or through Amazon. If there is enough interest, I can do a bulk purchase for folks through Amazon. More on that later!

Many thanks to the Board members, and Conductors who have made this happen! These folks have really worked tirelessly to find us a space to make music while the Navy Club is being repaired. Special thanks to Meeta our Music Librarian for helping our Conductors with music requests!

I guess we better start practicing…. 🤣😂 Angela Con