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Fee rebate form

Members who are unable to complete a term for which they have paid may claim a refund using the Fee Rebate Form.

PNHB Calendar for 2021 - 2022

Administration of the Bands

An elected volunteer Board of Directors (BOD) oversees the operation of the PNHB. Without the BOD the bands could not function. Their many responsibilities include hiring our conductors and coaches, renting rehearsal space, organising performances, insurance, organising social events, setting fees, publicity, controlling our assets (especially instruments and music).

Board of Directors with Portfolios

  • John Topic president Will continue to work with the City concerning the Navy Club
  • Gary Graham will be Vice-President
  • Cindy Babcock is Treasurer
  • Quentin Day is Property Manager
  • Beverly Murphy takes on the jobs of Board Secretary and recording secretary
  • James Burrett is our communications director
  • Audrey Keitel will head up nominations and coordinate the Dialogue Committee
  • Marlys Kerkman will take the lead on publicity and public relations

Additional Portfolios

  • Dialogue Committee – John Topic,
  • Treasurer - Cindy Babcock

Non-Board members with portfolios

  • Concert Managers: Renee Paul, Norma White
  • Librarian: Meeta Ellison
  • Historian: Debbie Duff
  • Members Communications Manager: James Burrett
  • Web Master: James Burrett
  • Social Committee: Margaret Seabrooke
  • Green Band Manager: Wendy Remisch

Band Representatives

  • Margaret Allen (Jubilee),
  • Theresa Topic (Allegro),
  • Bev Bresee (Skylark),
  • Heather Thompson (Odyssey)

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