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Music making

Our members all learn, practice and perform in one or more of our five concert bands. Instruments played in the band are woodwind, brass and percussion - as represented by the picture at the left.

Green Band welcomes newcomers with or without previous musical experience, as well as those whose skills are rusty and those who want to try a new instrument. Graduates play in one of our more advanced concert bands.

All bands are led by experienced and paid conductors. Band members also receive bi-weekly group coaching in their specific instruments. Green band practises twice a week in the Fall term, and once a week after Christmas. The other four bands practise once a week on Wednesdays: two in the morning and two in the afternoon.

All five bands perform in two concerts a year: near the beginning of December and June.

PNHB also encourages band members to play in smaller groups outside of the main bands, and provides administrative support for the formation of such groups, known as ensembles. Groups range in size from about 6 to 30 musicians.

Each ensemble consists of a group of musicians with some shared musical interest or instrument. Each ensemble practises once a week, and give several concerts a year in retirement homes, schools and other community organizations.

We encourage new ensembles to form around a particular interest: there is something for everyone.

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QuickPNHBlinks Conductor Bands Ensembles Concerts