After graduating from Crestwood SS in 1968, Gord earned a BA in Geography from University of Western Ontario, then a Teaching Certificate from Peterborough Teachers' College. Music activities remained prominent through these years as he performed with the Peterborough Concert Band, Ontario Youth Concert Band, and various pit orchestras, marching bands, and ensembles.

Early in his teaching career Gord completed Ministry of Education courses to obtain his music teacher certification, and became Head of Music at Campbellford District High School in 1975. He finished his career there as Head of Geography.

Campbellford remained home for 30 years, and family became a priority. He is the father of 6 children through his first marriage, and has 9 grandchildren and counting.

Immediately after retiring in 2005, he joined Peterborough New Horizons Band to play clarinet, and soon became saxophone coach, and conductor of the Clarinaires clarinet choir. Along the way he has led the Licorice Stix, a saxophone ensemble, and since 2011, he has been one of the "5 conductors" of PNHB.

Gord also performs in Knightshift Swing Band, and he enjoys playing solo concerts on the clarinet and alto saxophone. His baritone voice enhances Bonachords men's chorus.