Jon was born and raised in Peterborough, during the time the Toronto Maple Leafs were actually a good team. He grew up playing the piano, a definite influence from his mother, and then trumpet through high school and university.

Jon holds degrees in Music, Music Education and a Masters in Educational Administration, all from the University of Western Ontario. After attaining the first two degrees, Jon realized that to get a teaching position he would have to move to another province and in this case, Alberta, where they were in the middle of an oil boom. Jon was in Alberta for his entire career.

Jon spent 30 years in education, including:

In Music - 10 years teaching band and 30 years teaching choral music at all levels. In School Administration - 21 years as a school principal in a variety of centers in southern Alberta.

Jon is married to Susan, a retired professional piano accompanist/teacher and has two children, one playing viola professionally in Toronto and the other teaching classroom music in Alberta.

Jon retired and returned to the Peterborough area in June, 2010 because he missed trees and lakes (oh, and the Peterborough Lakers), picked up his horn after 30 years of neglect and started practicing. In addition to conducting and coaching trumpet in PNHB, he also plays first trumpet in the Peterborough Concert Band, formed the brass quartet, Vintage Brass, and is co-founder and director of Knightshift, a local jazz big band.