Justin Hiscox is a multi-instrumentalist, composer, arranger, experimental music specialist and conchistador (that is to say, one who blows the conch shell). Justin studied music at York University in Toronto, Ontario, with such teachers as American maverick composer James Tenney (composition), David Mott (large-scale jazz ensemble) and Casey Sokol (free improvisation). Justin has a keen interest in music that lies outside the fringes of "normal" listening and performing habits... that is to say that he loves "unpopular" music as much as he loves "popular" music. A pianist, contrabass trombonist, sousaphonist, accordionist, Brazilian Percussionist and conchistador, he has found that even if you play obscure instruments there is still work for you if you try hard and approach all of your musical dealings with integrity and heart.

Justin has played bass trombone and tuba with ex-Blue Rodeo keyboardist Bob Wiseman and has toured Canada with him. He has also played bass trombone in many a funk and rock band, many a jazz big band and many a musical happening. A composer, he has written a trio (bass trombone, tuba, drum kit) for a silent film, has orchestrated an Irish musical (Slainte), and has composed original music for the past seven years at one of Canada's finest outdoor theatre companies, the 4th Line Theatre Company. He has also taken his conch choir "on the road" where they have opened for Ron Sexsmith and other Canadian singer/songwriters on the annual Christmas show at the Rivoli (one of Toronto's nicest nightlife scenes).